• Nope - service is part of the package!
  • yup. if it not an expensive restaurant
  • Yeah, I'll go back and see if it was just a bad night or if I could get a different server, but if the service was bad twice, absolutely not. That means that the management doesn't care. It's restaurants like that with bad service that makes me wonder what the kitchen looks like.
  • No, because when you go to sit down for a meal which you are going to pay for you expect a good customer service.
  • no way... i pay for the experience more than anything if i don't have a good experience, there are plenty other places willing to happily accept my business ;)
  • I have, and even pointed out the bad service in a funny way, and gained the respect of the staff who was used to dealing with grumpy travelers and truckers, which was why they were usually in a bad mood to begin with. To see someone who rarely smiles light up and smile when they see you is a joy of which I can never get enough. Why ignore a bad attitude when it's so simple to change it?
  • ewww no they could spit in your food if the food is bad then just refuse to pay if the service is bad just dont go back and as you leave say something like thanx 4 being so nice and dont leave a tip.
  • No, if I had any real say. I (sometimes) go to resturants just because they have great customer service but "okay" food, I dont want to put up with attitude when I eat.
  • If it was really bad service chances are I talked to the manager, so I would give them another chance. After that, never again if they haven't changed.
  • Yes. I ignore the bad service unless it becomes so terrible..I order the food through "take-out". (and saves me the tip!)
  • Yes, the owners and staff at my favorite Chinese place are very nice people, but can be come off as very rude. I love the food and go back often.
  • no. I didn't go back to Taco Bell after bad customer service.
  • in a small town, i usually am forced to go back another time, hoping to not get the same waitress/waiter. 3 strikes and you're out!!!
  • No because im very sensitive about this one.
  • no, i would rather eat at home in that case.
  • nope - I would wonder what goes on in the kitchen of a place that is so clueless as to po its customers....
  • yes I would return but I would treat the staff as they were treating me. The only reason I would not return would bee if I was waiting a ridiculous amount of time in between courses
  • Depends what kind of bad service it was. If it was slow service, I could live with that but not with rudeness. I would send the manager a letter saying their food is wonderful but I'm seriously considering not returning because I was spoken to rudely.
  • Sure- I go somewhere for the food- not the people that work there. But if the service is poor because it takes 2 hours to get food then- no. If it is bad because the waiters don't act polite- yes.
  • No. I can cook good food at a quarter the price of a restaurant. I'm paying for the service.
  • Yeah, there's this one restaurant that I saw on tv, the waitors treated you badly on purpose and stuff--but the food was supposedly great =]

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