• In Genesis it says "For this cause a man shall LEAVE his father and MOTHER and cling to his wife." You need your own place and shouldn't have gotten married unless you could afford one.
  • You take your wife and your family and move into a home of your own as an autonomous couple.
  • If he feels compelled to take care of his ailing mom, (I dont blame him for that), then he should have a talk with mom and let her know that his wife comes first and that mom is the guest here. She will conduct herself as such or she will find herself in a nursing home.
  • Is this your house or your mothers house? If this is your mothers house, your mother is the gatekeeper. it is her house. Best advice is to move out, even if its to move into a trailer. there is nothing worse that a problem, such as yours. If you do not move, you are possibly facing a dramatic domestic violence situation. Its your mothers house and apparently she feels threatened when another female is on her turf. A personality conflict can lead to bodily injury. move before this occurs.
  • Get a second house! Rent something ... anything... get out of this situation or you'll lose your wife.

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