• I don't have a closet in there. I have a medicine chest on the wall and drawers under the vanity sink.
  • My ex-girlfriend
  • no closet in the bathroom here... there is one in the hallway... towels, linens, spiders, batteries etc
  • No closet...but dont look behind the tied up girl...
  • You don't really want to know. Some necessities, many rolls of t-paper (I will never run out again!), cleaning supplies, soap, toilet bowl drop-ins, Liquid Plumber, assorted tools and gadgets. Then it starts to get personal....(lol)
  • everything from elastoplast to cough medicine, paracetamol syrup, deoderant, cotton wool, makeup, face moisturiser, tampons, panty liners, painkillers, earbuds, nailpolish remover, anti histamine syrup, bandages, scissors, thermometer.. now this is in the bathroom cabinet on the wall.... in the closet OUTSIDE the bathroom, towels, sheets, duvet sets, facecloths, spare toilet rolls, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo. I wasnt sure which one you meant!! lol
  • New shavers,lotion various types, listerine,ear plugs,deodorant, stock of tooth brushes and paste,a glass and some Aspirin.
  • i dont have one, i go for the 'minimal look' just have the bare essentials i need in the bathroom

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