• homologous structures - structures in organisms that are derived from the same ancestral structure. For example, dog paws and human hands. analogous structures arestructures in different organisms that look similar, or perform similar functions, but are not derived from the same ancestral source. For example bat wings and bird wings, though looking similar and performing similar functions evolved separately. another example is vertebrate eyes and squid eyes.
  • why do doctors use structures to tie peoples tubes instead of buring them at the end?
  • "analogous=similar in function but not evolutionary origin homologous=similar in function and in evolutionary origin" "Homologous traits are similar because they share a common evolutionary origin (like the leg of a horse and the leg of a donkey). Analogous traits are similar because they are used similarily but were developed separately and do not have a common evolutionary origin (like an insect wing and a bat wing). They are the product of convergent evolution." Source and further information:

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