• Simple. Eye contact. Smiling. Heavy duty lip gloss, nice hair and a push up bra.
  • The best way is to smile and know what he is interested in and talk about it with him or ask him a couple of questions about something he is into that you know nothing about. Compliment him once in a while. Laugh at his jokes or joke around with him...pick on him a little and be upbeat.
  • Eye contact and a really nice smile would work with me.
  • idk why but i get along really well with my guy friends...and ive hooked a couple of them w/o even trying to. well i guess the first thing is being yourself...they dont want a fake chick or someone who is trying too hard to fit in. when i want to get a certain guys attention i tend to give him alot of eye contact, they tend to like that. i also get a little sounds funny but its true. some of them like to be hugged and tickled.or some like it when you play with their depends on what they like bcus some hate it. and they like it when you ask them about what they like or things like that. shows them that you want to get to know them. but give it time too. dont just start doing this out of nowhere, and try to be consistent about it too. just try a few and notice their reaction. you will be able to tell if they think you are being annoying,too forward or obnoxious.
  • dress hot and be yourself and flirt under thee not to forward juss play around with them.
  • Try taking that rogue "e" out of the word "forward" and insert the missing apostrophe into the word "guy's" , and maybe you will get his attention.
  • Just ask him questions about something that he is interested in. Get him to talk about himself. Your interest in him will hopefully give him the idea you are interested.
  • Smile at the people.
  • A sincere smile with a glance that lasts longer than usual. If there is some dialogue, being forthright and passionate about______. I love women in general that are driven by a purpose that leaves this world a little better than it would have been without them. Common interests are essential.

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