• I'm sure its in the same place.
  • open the tire tool compartment and find the only 5 digit number on the black box that should be it u might need a flashlight to look inside the panel a little ways in
  • its up above the emergency brake. its a tan colored box with a five digit code. that is the master code for your keyless entry.
  • I'm sure this is old by now, but it's located behind your glove box. Probably need a flashlight. Open your glove box and drop it down. The module with the sticker on it is back and to the right. Ther nunmbers will be bold on the sticker. You'll probably have to push some wiring out of the way, but it's there. You can also hit a button on your fob and listen for a distinct "click" behind your glove box, and there you'll find your code.

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