• i think that's called communism... if you have the kind of economy where a person can become rich either through hard work or luck, then, unfortunately, the byproduct will be an upper and lower class. we would have to live in a place where, no matter how hard or much you worked, you got exactly the same as the person next to you.
  • That is not possible...even in communism you had the upper and lower class. While the youth were taught to protect motherland, the politburo sat behind high walls enjoying caviar.....we will remain perpetually segregated in terms of race, gender and class.
  • no i dont think that would be possible there will always be the have's v. the have nots.
  • They tried it in the USSR and in Animal Farm. Someone always elbows their way to the top... "Some animals are more equal than others." After communism's failed experiment, it seems clear that capitalism + freedom is the only way that people have a more or less equal chance.
  • I don't think it's possible.
  • i dont believe it would be possible. the rich get richer while the poor get poorer
  • Not possible at all. Everyone has an ego,ambitions etc.. so it would become impossible.
  • Oh yes, the republicans will be refunding your money and rights and living wage at any moment.
  • You mean "capitalism". i.e where "class" is irrelevant as it's "money" that determines who stands where. But if you're not way inclined about the proletariat, then look at it this way. Even if humanity was to remove all current prejudices (a miracle in itself) then by that time it would have developed new prejudices which people like you will again be questioning if they can be erased. Bottom line is that no matter the group; if they are humans they will always have bias and prejudices. It's part and parcel of being in a social structure. You could always live hermit like, in which case your bias and prejudices mean nothing

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