• i do... very much... does not mean that it's a bit behind the times and i want a faster one... if you can't be happy with what you have then what can you be happy with?
  • Without question. It is a Dell Inspiron laptop that I have used without flaw or failure of any kind for 3 years.
  • No, but it is very nice of my grandparnet's to let us use it. It's a laptop. But I want to post pix, and I can't until mine gets fixed :)
  • About as much as I like starting a fire with flint and steel.
  • yes, because it's only 4 months since I bought it new and it's still working :)
  • No, it's a Dell Dimension 4100, 833Meg pent3 with win98SE. I can't use the 2G thumb drive i bought or the picture frame i bought. And also there is a lot more sites i go to that will not run with win98SE.
  • Yes, yes I do. It's an iMac that I bought in October of 2006. It's really awesome.
  • we are friends. is that what you mean? seriously i still have windows Me and I need to upgrade to windows vista. i have a bug in my microsoft browser system. i have to figuire out how to get rid of that critter as cheap as possible. I keep backing up new data on cd. so when the next crash happens, i will have the backups. and no headaches. backups are easy and worthwhile of your time.
  • yeah i do.
  • I have 2. I like them both. One is getting pretty old and needs to be replaced though.
  • I wish it could burn CDs and DVDs
  • I always loved XP Pro, but it has its problems, mostly browser based. OptiPlex 960 does the job, but not well, even though it is a definite step up from the previous PC (OptiPlex 755). The replacement I have waiting in the wings is a Dell Optiplex 7010 Mini-Tower, Quad Core i7 3770. Way more powerful, but it uses Win 7 Pro, which I never liked but will have to get used to. Wordy way of saying I have mixed feelings!
  • I am happy wth my acer aspire lap top., t is the second one I have had..
  • dislike windows 10

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