• Legally it is wrong yes, though morally its a bit of a grey area. It's up to you really
  • You'd be better served selling it and taking the loss in value. Really, this incident is life trying to teach you something about desires, planning, and personal integrity. To the degree you can hear and respond to that lesson there's a lot more value than whatever is lost in the sale price.
  • deception is black and white, is it wrong to get what you want through a lie? can you return it without reporting it as not working? the saying "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" has a perfect example here. you want to do something wrong to to a "right" or a good thing. ask yourself, what if YOU were the store owner or the manufacturer, what the correct answer is? the answer is in your heart, every living thing knows right from wrong.
  • It's wrong. I know it SEEMS harmless, and you need the money more than the store or the ipod maker, but that's not the issue. It's not harmless, either, as zazzy_one points out in her comment. Those are words that help you deal with the guilt that comes from doing something you know is wrong. To make yourself feel better about lying. You might feel less guilty, but that does NOT mean you've conducted yourself honorably. It means your conscience is jaded. It doesn't matter how much money the manufacturer has. Dishonesty is dishonesty. Lying to get money to buy gifts is a really bad idea. Oh, you probably won't get caught, and if no one finds out, you stay out of trouble. Morally irrelevant. Plus, the idea that it's somehow excusable gets reinforced, so you'll find it easier to do it again. The word here is insidious. I just don't know how to work it into the answer. And the supreme irony in this situation, especially - this money would go to buy Christmas gifts for your friends. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ, someone COMPLETELY uninterested in material goods and possessions. He warned people against the dangers of getting too caught up in the world; or enamored with things. Jesus understood not only that lying is wrong, but also WHY lies damage everything they touch. celebrate the birthday of Christ, you'd be using deception in order to bestow material goods on your friends. Oh, man. Think about it. That is a really bad idea. Irony aside, you and your friends will have a much better Christmas if it's not tainted by theft and guilt. Honest. ~~~~~~~~ snakes - I appreciate your candor, and just so you know, I'd never put you down. I guess we all do what we have to do. I'm a bit curious why you asked, because it seems a little like you'd already decided. Maybe not:) Anyway, have a nice Christmas.
  • Its wrong. Do it.
  • i guess this is a lesser of two evils thing. If you dont get your friends gifts, they'd feel like you didn't really like them, so several people would be unhappy. If you pretended your ipod was broken to get cash, then you'd have to live with a little guilt. So:one person feeling bad or several people feeling bad. So, if you think your friends wouldn't care if they didn't get gifts, then dont get the refund. if they would, then get the refund.
  • I agree that this would be wrong to do so that's my answer to the actual question. But why don't you take this opportunity to make people gifts? It's the thought that counts anyways and you can do a lot with very little money. If you're good at art, you could paint or draw for people. Have a great CD collection (probably since you have an Ipod), why not make CD's? Write a poem telling someone how much they mean to you, make a coupon book, bake some treats and wrap them up in cellophane, write someone a song and sing it to them......
  • Make them,,, buy them silly gifts... anything.. I am renowned for doing just that.. It started because I didnt have the money to do the 20th century bit.. Chrisy is about fun... It is now expected that I do something outrageous at chrisy... I use $50, and this year it will do 17 people... I also make things.. Nothing I get is practicle, its silly fun... Especially if I get something that relates to an incident that happened during the year... they think is marvleous that I took the time to remember and relate little useless gifts to there personal happenings....
  • if you don't have money. You might search online gifts available on various stores select the cheapest products which suits your pocket and send. I recommend you to ShopCrazzy

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