• i am assuming the cheese you made got someone sick? food companies are liable for the products they send out. if someone gets sick eating a packaged brand, they can sue. same as you making something that gets someone sick.
  • Sued for what?
  • Why are you being sued and by whom? And what kind of party? If this was a private party I would think that many people got sick including yourself.
  • Welcome to America. Personally, I regard all home-made stuff as potentially problematic. There is a certain assumption of risk when consuming ANY food item, but the risk is greatest for home-made items and somewhat greater for meals prepared from scratch as opposed to pre-packaged. Maybe Jose and Raul had a bad day at the Hormel plant. Maybe the guys in the back room at the supermarket were less than diligent about the refrigerated items. (I refuse to trust any refrigerated item at our local Price Chopper for that reason.) Is the restaurant you ate at last 120% spotless and safe? My point is that ANY food can make you sick. Now, was the cheese the ONLY item served at the party? Did anyone else eat it and not get sick? Can anybody PROVE that it was the cheese and not, say, the salsa? Maybe they were coming down with something before even attending the party? Is this person lactose-intolerant and didn't know it? Sometimes, food allergies and such can pop up suddenly. All you really need to win in court is reasonable doubt.
  • Were there any medical repercussions, directly related to your homemade cheese? Need more information.
  • Are you a caterer or was it your friends at your party?
  • That's why I bring store-bought food to a party.
  • Sounds like food poisioning.You've got to be very careful about how you serve food.
  • You're getting sued because you won't come back here and give us the details we need to answer the question you asked. So I'm guessing you're either in prison for killing someone and not allowed computer privileges, or you no longer care about the answser.
  • What kind of cheese? What grounds for suit? What did you do? Did you go to trial? What was the outcome? I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to litigate for answers. Consider yourself served.
    • Linda Joy
      Does notification in social media really count as being served? lol This was probably posted ten years ago! I think its great we can still be amused by it years later! If anyone sees this ten years from now in 2030 or beyond please post a comment.

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