• Its ok to have fun in church. IF that is all he does and does not preach from the Bible then that would be a problem.
  • Yes, it keeps people's attention and helps lighten the mood. If the atmosphere is kept light, people are much more likely to return, I think.
  • Yes, if it helps to get an important point across.
  • As long as it is topical or relevant. have no problem with a pastor trying to get his point across with humor.
  • I see nothing wrong with some humor but telling jokes to me seems lacking dignity and respect and if not careful can lead to being way off base with the decorum necessary for someone that is supposed to be representing the highest being in the universe. We enjoy some humor from our human leaders but just cracking stupid jokes would make us think they weren't very fitting for their position.
  • It's called "workin' the crowd". In this day and age people constantly need stimuli and entertainment. I say, if it gets the point across and the congregation is responding, yes it is OK. There are churches nowadays that have rock-n-roll choirs/bands play during service. I believe it's a sign of the times. If yours has started using such “entertainment” formats and you do not care for it, perhaps it’s time to find another that fits your style and needs. Church is a personal thing and you shouldn’t feel the need to attend a particular one due to history or obligation. Find a pastor who speaks to YOU. PS I speak from experience as my father is a minister and HE thinks he's a pretty funny guy... :D
  • I've heard many pastors start their sermon with a joke. I think it is a great way to get peoples attention. Our current pastor will share funny examples of something relating to his sermon. I don't see anything wrong as long as it is done in good taste.
  • One of my fondest memories of President Gornd B Hinckley (late President of the LDS Church) was his sense of humor. I don't ever recall a time he gave a talk at a Generalk conference where he didn't add some humorous story or joke to his talk. With that being said I think a sense of humor is admirable in a man of God. It shows that he is human and understands that life is serious business and sometimes you just have to laugh otherwise you'd cry.
  • It does seem to happen more and more these days. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with it, but too many pastors really aren't very good at it. Christianity isn't supposed to be a 'sourpuss' religion. God is joyful, remember? But it's important to remember why we're at church. It ain't the Improv, ya know.
  • Yes. I remember a while ago, there was this service for rememberence day I think, and this church was in a small village so everyone knew each other etc. And anyway, one person was donating a crate of wine for something, and the vicar said, "That will go to the needing clergy of Penwortham!" That, I will always remember.
  • It never happened while I was growing up but I wish the priests had mixed a little humor in with his sermon. I might have listened better.
  • As long as the joke or humorous story is illustrating the point he/she is trying to make, then I think it is a nice idea actually.
  • It's fine. Every Pastor has their own style of giving the message, and if that is working for this one then all is good.
  • Yes, at least it will keep people awake.
  • Sure, I can't see the harm, as long as we're not talking an x rated 'Vegas Act' yo...;)
  • Absolutely !! My pastor does it every Sunday.. of course my Church is anything but your typical Church !! I think it is Great.. we all have some Good laughs.. Relax and Enjoy our Sunday :)
  • yes its ok....humour is always a good thing.
  • I don´t agree with jokes in sermons. Jokes are for parties, theaters, not churches. I prefer a solemn atmoshpere.

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