• I've struggled with that since 1972! I'm not sure anybody has it worked out. As you probably know, Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics and Elton set them to music. My general view is that often Bernie's lyrics didn't necessarily "add up" to a story or coherent theme, he sometimes just liked the way the words and images flowed. Clearly Daniel is leaving, and something tragic is in the past that leaves the singer in pain about the departure of his brother. Beyond that, I guess you're free to add your own meaning!
  • Elton John and Bernie wrote that song in the 70's named "Daniel". Daniel is about a Vietman Vet who was blinded in the war, and is commended for being a Hero, so is sent home. His younger brother is the one supposedly singing about his heroic brother. He is called a hero and his brother wants him to stay home, and has missed him,but Daniel does not consider himself a hero at all. He simply wants to be left alone, so takes off to Spain. It was sort of dedicated to all the crippled and damaged men in the Vietnam War. Very sad song.
  • My dad said it's about Elton John's brother who died in a plane crash. (Since it was my dad who said this, there's a very good chance it's not right hehe). Also, that's just the blunt, obvious meaning of the song. It's probably deeper than that.
  • Daniel is the fictional story of a blinded Vietnam veteran who comes home after the war and everybody wants him to be a hero, but all he wants is to be left alone. So he takes off for Spain to get away from it all. The story is told from the point of view of his younger brother, who misses him and would like him to come back home. It's not a true story, just an account of what crippled Vietnam veterans had to go through when they came home from the war. It is inspired by news coverage of the war that Bernie (Elton's lyricist) watched in the early 70s.
  • Anyone can add meaning to this song if a "Daniel" has been part of their life. Thirty-four years ago I gave birth to two sons. David survived, Daniel did not. After picking up David from the hospital, along with my other two children, Elton John's "Daniel" played on the radio. I'll never forget the feeling -- the meaning for me was that Daniel had gone away,saying goodbye, but still with me. Whenever I hear the song, it brings back the emotions of losing my child.
  • brothers talking to one another
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