• Get the free Windows Installer cleanup tool, which is here:
  • Go to the Start menu and navigate to your control Panel. (On some systems it is found under Settings on the Start menu. In others it is at the root level this menu.) In the control panel double-click on Add/Remove Programs. In this program select the application you want to remove and then tell it to remove the undesired program. That should do it.
  • If you deleted the uninstall routine, you are left with having to remove the program manually. This is not always an easy task. You have to find the files, wherever they reside on the hard drive and delete them. But this is often a difficult task to accomplish, as programs often put files in more than one folder, especially if .dll files were involved. Next, you'd have to scour the registry for any mention of the programs in question and that can be quite a challenge unless you know what you're doing. If you delete the wrong registry keys, you can seriously mess up Windows. Are you disappointed yet? Not to worry, I have the ultimate solution. Re-install the program. The uninstall routine will (under normal circumstances) be put back where it belongs and you will be able to use it to remove the program properly.
  • Re-install the program again making sure you choose the same installation location as the last time. Then remove it afterwards.

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