• By "OK" do you mean "is it morally wrong?". No, it has no moral merit. But it's going to be difficult to do "state management", and getting an integrated look-and-feel will be a challenge. ASP.Net has a distinctive way of managing state with the browser: i.e. where data is kept for postbacks, how that data is handled, etc. So for instance, if a user logs in to your ASP.Net page, and then navigates to a JSP page, the latter is not going to have any idea about their ASP.Net identity unless you manually write some code to propagate it (in a cookie or something). That kind of manual handshaking is bug-prone and tedious to maintain. So it's not recommended, but it may be an ok compromise in situations where you already have a lot of JSP code laying around that you can't afford to toss out.
  • The two key issues are: 1. Does your choice of technology affect your visitors and their experience when using your site? 2. How does it affect the maintainability of your site?

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