• I don't think it is right to condemn someone for being poor. Condemning someone for being lazy is a different matter.
  • The poor are not those with less money ... The poor are the ones with less understanding of equality. I am not here to judge others ... I certainly do not look down on those less fortunate by money than I ... Yet I do oppose those that do. Take away money, religion, and flags ... then you will see ... 'we are all equal by life' Have a great day ... regardless of how much is in your pocket. Thankyou
  • It might have something to do with the fact that we need to believe that people bring bad things on themselves, so that we can feel in control of our lives and reassure ourselves with the thought that "it will never happen to me"
  • Those who do are generally (not always) wealthy, have more than they need in life and find it easy to write others off as "lazy", "worthless", "shiftless"..that way their conscience (if indeed they have one) is absolved of any necessity to do anything to help, thereby conserving their bottom line for the important things in life, like buying another home, another car, another vacation, another bunch of "bling". Easy peasy. They're off the hook..they're's not their fault! See how nicely it works out for them? :(
  • I think it is part of basic human nature that we have to feel superior to someone else. Condemning the poor is only one example of this. We seem to delight in putting other groups down so that we appear to be in a better light.
  • because it is human nature. You assume that we all condemn the poor (save you) for being poor. Instituitionalized poverty is what I condemn, poverty made a way of life.
  • One reason is that by condemning people for their own misfortunes, we don't have to face up to the broader societal realities that contribute to those misfortunes. A perfect example of this was the recent bankruptcy "reform" law: The bill was sold to the public as way to curtail abuses of the bankruptcy system. Yet, the overwhelming majority of bankruptcies are filed because people lose jobs, get divorced, or have a serious medical problem. Getting on our high horses about the 'cheaters' who abuse the bankruptcy laws allows us to avoid dealing with the broader questions of: -Why is losing a job so financially devastating in modern times? -Why do women fare so poorly economically after divorce? -Why do we have a health care system that bankrupts us when we get sick? There's an excellent book about how the media (and those with political axes to grind) use these techniques to distract us from such questions. I highly recommend it.
  • because its so much easier to be judgemental and bury out heads in the sand - take the 'stance that its their choice etc etc
  • Because our country over-values material excess and conspicouos consumerism. The poor are seen as having 'no value' because they lack the means to drive the economy through the purchase of expensive items... pretty much the same reason that single people are taxed to death. Single people have no need for $500,000 homes and $40,000 minivans, you see.
  • because they pay less taxes?
  • Because obviously it's their fault that their poor. It was a poor lifestyle choice on their part.
  • I believe there are two reasons. One is that they are not like those who are not poor which makes it difficult for others to relate. The other reason, which I do not agree with, is that some believe the poor want to be poor or don't want to work. Prejudice. It pisses me off but I think globally and act locally.
  • Bad choices
  • People have judgements and have stereotypes of people.
  • Why do we condemn the rich for being rich? It works both ways and is called inverted snobbery.
  • i dont. i believe in the judge not lest ye be judged saying. it is they that condemn those in need who are the poorest in spirit. if everyone gave to the poor, there would be no more poor, would there? i think the problems in the world are so vast, that sometimes people feel powerless to change the world for the better. but it all starts with one person, one action. its a very materialistic world, and i think some people mistakenly equate success with materialistic gain. its easy for those brainwashed individuals who dont contribute much and who have a lot of emptiness in their lives and self loathing to condemn those less fortunate to make themselves feel better in comparison. i think its sad.
  • Because its far easier to judge and blame than it is to get down and dirty, which is often what it takes to actually understand any opposing state or condition when held up against your own. Poor people have it really hard and you have to look at something you find rather unplesant to actually be able to understand it. That is simply too close for comfort for some. But I believe that is mostly when the opposing state is in close proximity to the problem. In that Upper middle class, is not all too far off from poverty and that is scary. The very wealthy, do tend to be much more involved and far more charatible than the normal every day joe.
  • I don't condemn the poor, considering how I was poor for most of my life without it ever having been a choice. Speaking from experience, I know how poverty can become a vicious cycle considering the fact that the poor often are not afforded the same opportunities that the middle class are. Poor schools corroded with violence and below average performing teachers, violence ridden neighborhoods are usually the most affordable (go figure!) so the kids have to deal with safety issues and affiliation with less than morally sound individuals to maintain some amount of safety, etc. Not having enough food on the table and worrying about whether or not you will eat or have a roof over your head makes it hard to focus when you ARE going to school, or when you ARE trying to get your life together for your children. People who have never been there find it easy to criticize the poor, because they don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.
  • Maybe because some have never been there yet them self. Others who have been there & had the will power to go on. May think that because they did it. That everybody should do the same. Problem is thats not always the cast with everyone. For what a person has today, could be all gone tomorrow. To many people think only of them selfs & seem to condemn others. Not realizing that those they are condemning could later or soon be them self. None of us know what tomorrow may bring.......How sad it is, for people to think that way of the poor tho...Plus 5 for your question.................M.C.S.
  • because they don't wont to change their life they wont us to pay because they suffered ?????????

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