• i have what i consider to be an anti-social anxiety disorder... i avoid people whenever i can. people have let me down and disappointed me and i just don't feel the need to get close to anyone. sorry, can't help you on your question.
    • Mircat
      Self-diagnosing and avoidance is not healthy or how its treated.
  • To find a lot of great tips, scroll down to the bottom of this page, click on "How to Articles", then type "social anxiety disorder" in the search box.
  • See ur doc and she can get u a good shrink . I see 1 2x a mo
  • You could go for therapy, that might help. Maybe an antidepressent or anxiety meds might help. I find, since I don't have my job, that I have a harder time each year going out, especially socially. i don't want to and I have nothing to say to people when I get there. I do feel better if Im with my husband or daughter, I don't go out alone. I do take anxiety meds.
  • Avoid dealing with society, try hermiting for 40 days and nights!
  • maybe you should see a counselor about it
  • Go to therapy and take medication if advised while in therapy.

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