• I'd actually use it to take care of debt.
  • I would invest it in my film making company. Buy some equipement and what not.
  • Maybe go around and check on some of the homeless shelters, seeing what their main needs were. Then lets say if it was food supply's? I'd go to one of the nearest food stores & donate a thousand for their food cost. This would be done under a agreement between the store owner & I, that only a percentage would be taken off their main bill each time, giving the shelter a 10 or 20% discount. Same thing could be done for the non insured in local Doctor offices & Drug stories. Now you maybe asking your self, just why would I invest in something like this? The answer is, to see that not everybody has to struggle, the way I do from day to day.....I've always heard the old saying, that its better to give, than to receive. I believe the old saying is true. Only I would be sure the money was used wisely & not foolishly.........Just a dream tho............Plus 5 for your question.

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