• You can try, but the reality is, you were not driving legally. I would call them and ask just the same. But would not get my hopes up
  • Can you? You could try. Depending on your specific policy and local laws, your accident might not be covered since you were driving on a suspended license. Which might be defined as "illegal act by an insured" which usually deems any coverage you would normally have null and void. You would have to read your policy or consult your carrier.
  • hate to say it but i did the same thing your fucked
  • You can still make the claim. Just they won't pay on it. With a suspended license you are committing an intentional illegal act. Your policy will state they do not pay on that. Hope the damage was to your own vehicle. Otherwise the others will sue and obtain judgment. And till the judgment is satisfied you will not get your license back. Usually about the third time caught with a suspended license, accident or not, you get a few months jail time to prevent future infractions.
  • i was a claims adjuster for 5 years in the Washington metropolitan area. the law states that if the accident was not your fault you are entitled to hold the other party liable regardless if you have a license or not, if your license was suspended or not. only if the accident is your fault you will not be covered legally because you committed a criminal act which is not covered through your own policy. not having a license at the time someone else caused the accident(not you) could not have prevented the collision from happening.
  • Depends if you were at fault, you're screwed. If it's their fault, you might be ok. And if it's their fault, you should have claimed neck injury, back pain and all sorts of injuries..$$$$$$ is good!

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