• yes many times... i once made up my own scavenger hunt when i needed a cigarette and was not yet 18... wrote a few ridiculous things down on a piece of paper like... obsidian arrowhead, brass paperclip, a marlbro brand cigarette etc... you would be surprised what people will give a kid on a scavenger hunt☺
  • yep:) and oh boy...the stories i have to tell :P
  • when I was growing up the Church where I grew up in use to hold them alot, and as we had a large membership in our small town we would have a great time. The church use to have lots of fun things for kids to do on Sat. nights for scavenger hunt, cook outs, story telling with sleep overs at one of the church member ranch's it was great time to grow up.
  • Many times. They can be great fun. One of my most difficult searches was for a six month old copy of Ms. Magazine. A six month old copy of Playboy was much easier. I knew right where to go...(lol)
  • Yes!! Those are so much fun.

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