• It would be very helpful. Some courses require it. You may be able to make do with your home computer, depending on what kind of courses you plan on taking, I hope this helps!
  • I'm fine with a desktop.
  • If you have a good desktop, it might not be necessary. But otherwise, I would if I were you.
  • it would be easier. then you can type up your notes in class instead of writing them down.
  • It's good to have a computer for college instead of relying on the ones at the library so yeah but, any computer is fine.
  • It depends on your style really. If you are the type that likes to study in a coffee shop or a library, then it might be convenient. If you see yourself working mostly at home, then no. Also, you might be tempted to bring the laptop to class and AB the whole time, which might not work out so well! ;P
  • In my opinion -- coming from my own experience -- you'd be at a serious disadvantage without a laptop. I know it is a pain to have to buy one, but in the end, it is a highly valuable educational tool. IN fact, Dell tends to offer specials for returning to school that will be worth checking out. My sister got hers from Wal-mart, of all places. Excellent deal, and again, an invaluable asset to college life. Plus, I need you in my feedback during lectures :-P
  • You don't need it but it sure would be a big help. Good luck.
  • Id def recommend it, tho most colleges require you to have one.
  • A laptop isn't necessary as almost every college campus will have numerous computer labs with full access nearly 24/7. You probably will want to have your own computer of some kind at your residence though, so that you can write essays, or in my case do labs and crunch numbers.
  • Not unless you can figure out a way to lug around your desktop.
  • If you are planning to go back to college, having a laptop is almost self-mandatory. It is really like having to have pens and papers. It is most definitely a necessity.

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