• It's fine as long as it just stays as a crush, and you never ACT on those feelings.
  • Not really, as it can become just too painful if it goes nowhere and if it does go somewhere it can ruin many people's lives. It's never a good idea. Much better to find your own person to love. If they were really unhappy, they would leave and start a new relationship.
  • It's fine as long as you don't act on it. That can get you into trouble.
  • To fantasize about another person, married or not, is not a sin. If however you carry it into the covet stage where you desire to take the person away from their spouse it is wrong and bad. To covet something is to steal it from the rightful owner thereby depriving the owner the use of what belongs to them. This can be any object or person. With a person it is considered adultery. In the Old Testament law it was punishable by stoning both of those involved.

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