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  • Most people are some degree of pitch deaf, so can't sing nicely, because they can't hear well enough to do so. But being musically gifted requires more than just that, and the majority of people don't have what it takes to play music, and so be able to tell if it's good or not, so they take their cues as to what to "like" (think facebook) from what others are liking, or even just what a corporation tells them they like. And if their pitch-deafness is profound enough, they may even gravitate towards word-oriented songs (songs that tell stories to listen to (which isnt music, and they call it country, or rap and hip hop). And this is crushing to a music artist that the audience is mostly unable to appreciate their work. :{
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh, so why do people like DIFFERENT KINDS of music then? Well, any time you hear anyone say (proudly, usually) "I like ALL kinds of music!", what theyre actually indicating is they wouldnt know bad from good, so they're unable to have a preference. Country fans cant hear well, so they need to hear lyrics that tell a story, so they at least have something to listen to. Hip hoppers are either black (in which case, I get it), or they're young and stupid, so corporations that profit from mass-selling crap to those who wouldn't know better prey on them. Really...and I don't even know that this is a joke on my part...unless you can write prolifically, so would actually KNOW good from bad, then an opinion on music is about as significant, yet annoying, as a fart. So, that is to say, I know whats good and what should be interesting only to flies, but few others do. Please forgive Mr Pants' pomposity, it's my field, and I may be a jerk. (not sure on that though. Either they were yelling "you're a jerk" or "go home and jerk". And well, optimist that I am , I chose the latter.)
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh, oops...sorry..and GIRLS like girly music, but - just as hip hop is more a cultural identity thing than music - so also is "girly" songs a thing that appeals to a segment looking to have their thing reflected. Mr Pants is a music snob, and thinks that music is about sound, not reinforcing that one is feminine, or African, or even white and dull like me. Mr Pants thinks music is about a groove, a feel. It's sound. (And if there are any blacks (I'm too old to say "African American") who take offense at my take on hip hop, don't be. I get why you like it. I just don't see what's in "rhythmic angry chanting" for a white boy. The music itself is...weird and irritating and awful, not musical. :{ (I'd bet anything there are blacks who hate it too, and are still listening to Sly and The Family Stone, goin' "Yea, baby!" (THAT was coolness personified. That was the shit.) So yes I DID like the music blacks created, in the past, GREATLY. Every cool music form of the twentieth century was created by blacks.... Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll itself, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Funk!. There was a reason, unique to you, that we thought the 'feel'; of it was so cool. But honestly, I don't get rap or hip hop. I think it's noise. (Are you just playing a joke on us? *blink*)(for thirty years?) ...And that people make music on launch pads now... really disappoints Mr Pants so much :{ It is now, when I see all my heroes dying, and what is taking their place, that I am most sad, and know surely the world is done with boomers, and so me. ((So if you'd like to cheer Mr Pants up, talk with the brothers and get 'em to start making music with a funky feel and falsetto singing again. ..Give me the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Sly Stone, The Isley Brothers, AL GREEN, The Undisputed Truth, William DeVaughn...give me that groovy stuff baby! For how could anyone POSSIBLY think modern garbage is even music at all, when there was THAT????????
    • Bootsiebaby
      Where I come from, you'd be surprised how many guys like "girly" music, and it is not frowned on. Gender has very little to do with musical taste.
  • It is said that variety is the spice of life.
  • Because different people have different tastes. I like soul music myself, which not everybody likes. I know people who like hard rock and heavy metal, but that doesn't appeal to me. The world would be less interesting if everybody liked the same things, there would be no variety.

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