• I have 3 dogs, they are all diffrent. I guess it depends on their personality.
  • He fights like I am dragging him to the guillotine, then afterwards is eternally grateful. Then next week the vicious cycle begins again.
  • He is fairly tolerant but it does not look like he necessarily likes it
  • I have yet to give my dog a bath. She's well over due for one. I'm torn between taking her to a dog groomer and letting my dog maul the groomer, or sucking my gut in and doing it myself. I get the feeling she will do her best to stop this happening. There's only so much skin on my hands, arms, and face LoL
  • It's almost hilarious how suddenly scarce Velco Dog becomes at the slightest suggestion of a bath! So what's with the hyper, tail wagging speedy behaviour after, when she has had a bath??!! Is it just my dog?
  • Whether it's the hose in the backyard or entering the vet office, they know where they are and instantly turn on their best "How can you do this to me?!?!?!!?" faces...
  • Only one of my three dogs doesnt mind having a bath. But even then, he still hides at first.
  • My dog would like it if the water was warm.
  • Wow--Considering tomorrow is first bath day for my 4 month old new puppy, I'm not too encouraged by the other answers. My other dogs (RIP) were Boxers so their baths took place outside with shampoo and the hose. They didn't mind it after they realized it was going to happen no matter what. This one is a tiny (squirmyand wired to the max) terrier mix (4 pounds) so I'm heading for the sink. Wish me luck.
  • I've always had Newfoundlands who are often used as water rescue dogs. It's hard to keep them OUT of water even as puppies. They love any excuse to get wet LOL!!!
  • my dogs hate water. i mean if you run the tap they run away, they walk aroun puddels on the floor. so that would be a NO they dont like baths
  • my dog loves a bath.:-)+
  • Noooo, they both hate it. One or both are good for hiding under the bed when they realize it's bath time. As a matter of fact, I have to bathe them today. Sigh.
  • We have a three year old yorkie who dislikes being bathed although he tolerates it because he doesnt get a choice especially when he decides to roll in muck! Our 7 month old staffie loves her baths and showers, she tries to get in the shower with us at every oppourtunity! Lol! Just goes to show how different every doggie is. Bless.
  • Mine hides All I have to do is turn on the water and he disapears. I think giving a cat a bath would be easier then givng my dog a bath.
  • my dog loves to have a bath or so he tells us at the time he jumps in the bath then when ur in the middle of washing him he jumps out and not only soaks u but every thing around him lol
  • my dog HATES it... he has never bitten anyone except me once when i was grabbing him and he knew he was going in the water... he always hides too!
  • my 8mo jack russell jumps in the bath with the kids if i dont lock him out,he manages to get in once a week though and cause chaos,the kids think its hillarious
  • my retriever does but those dogs love water, and my huskey whenever i say the word bath he is ghost
  • She usually seems a little scared at first, but she doesn't hide. She seems to enjoy it once it gets started.
  • My dog is not too fond of getting the bath but he really hates the blow dryer. After he's done though, he gets so excited he runs around the house up and down all crazy...he likes the end result.
  • My dog hates them but she knows better than to run away and hide...
  • My Pit will TRy to avoid getting a bath ... BUT; once I've got him in the shower stall ; he just sits there like a little man until I've got him all washed and cleaned ...
  • Max hates it. He only gets one if he rolls in some stinky stuff. He just did it yesterday. When I started running the bath he just cowered. I have to drag him into the bathroom and pick him up and in. Then he just stands and takes it trembling.

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