• A woman in a store heard I was struggling making ends meet and gave me $50.
  • A guy saw I had missed my bus by 30 seconds and gave me a lift to the train station so I wouldn't be late for work.
  • Some lady gave me $5. It was pretty cool.
  • An elementary school girl held the door for my wife and I last night.
  • A gentleman, open the door for me, at the store.
  • Lots of people on AB make an honest effort to reach out to me.I can't tell you how much it means to me!!!!
  • the person at the store said go ahead because i only had a couple of items
  • This wasn't the most recent, but it's the most memorable. I was in a Panda Express one night after my last class that evening. I stopped in to grab something to eat on my way home. This woman started talking to me, asking me what I'd recommend or whatnot. So, we talked a few minutes about the food and then just small talk. She was in front of me, so by the time she had finished her order (it was closing time) she had already left. I get up to the counter after ordering my food, and the cashier was closing the drawers and I'm like "Excuse me, I haven't paid for this yet." She looks at me then glances to the drink counter to the lady I'd been talking to and says "She already took care of it.." So, I walk over to the woman and I thank her for the meal and she must have noticed the "why-did-you-do-that" look on my face, because without much pause she goes "It's not too often you find nice, young people who will sit and chat with you anymore." With that, she smiled and walked out.
  • My 16 year old daughters boyfriends parents took me out to dinner last night
  • On my way home from the gym today I stopped by a sub shop to pick up a sandwich. A nice gentleman ran in front of me, held the door and proclaimed me "a walking advertisement for Subway". Made my day!
  • happens so often I can't think of it.
  • my friends on here making kind comments and being supportive of me and zack, thankyou so much everyone.:-)+
  • Awww yes. Ec-Nal boosted my self esteem today! Such a sweety ^_^
  • A co worker found out it was my birthday back in May and that I have a weakness for chocolate chip cookies. She went out and spent her last couple of dollars that she was supposed to buy her lunch with and bought ingredients to make me a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I still to this day have co workers who won't let me live it down and keep teasing me about it.

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