• Have you tried Gametap? offers free games to play. Not all of them are Nintendo, but many of them are supporters, distributors, or makers from Nintendo. (In other words, it's still Nintendo.) Most of the games will work depending if your OS browser is updated. Another option is to try an emulator. Emulators are programs that can run video games on your computer. You'll need to search emulators depending on what kind of video console you wish to use. (N64, Neo-Geo, etc.) You don't need to know any programming; just install the emulator, download the games, and start it up. It's that easy.
  • Kyogre-Stataen gives to great leads :) The Emulators are great! I have one called Stella that has all of the old Atari games. The neat thing about these is that the old games are tiny compared to the newer ones so you can have a ton tucked away in the corner of your hard drive. I have a few free retro games on my site in The Arcade as well; it's nothing as cool as GameTap, it's just my hobby, but it does have some old goodies that I like to play. This is the retro page:

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