• I was looking at their website. They are right to put the emphasis on the Holy Spirit, since Jesus had that emphasis, but his reference was to the Spirit and the Light of God, and was expressed in terms of "losing your life to find it." And likewise becoming "children of the Light" John 12:36. So learning how to "worship in Spirit" to have this light should be a primary focus, but there are very few people who know what that means, or how to go about doing it. I think this resource does a good job of explaining it: I include this link because I look at everything in terms of the Kingdom Gospel... which is not like the popular gospel we hear these days. And the acid test was given by Jesus himself: "you will know them by their fruits." Does it bring a better life? Is it really bringing the light, or is it just a temporary emotional high that fades over time. I think that is the final test: By their fruits ye shall know them.

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