• Does it do anything when you turn the ignition? Does it make a clicking noise? Does it try to turn over? Or just nothing?
  • It makes a clicking noise but does not turn over.
  • You need a new battery, or maybe a charge, or maybe clean the battery terminals. The clicking is the relay that draws 10 Amps. When the relay switches on the battery doesn't have enough current to run the starter and drops out. As the battery comes up right away, the relay pulls in again just to repeat it again. That is why it clicks.
  • If there is no light or any reaction it will probly be the battery.
  • Get your battery checked. It could be dead or your alternator is not recharging the battery.
  • Battery power is low. Get a jump. That might be all you need. Have someone follow you to a garage or auto parts store and have the alternator and battery tested. Walmart will test it if you have one close. Worst case would be the starter solenoid. But if it jump starts this is not the case.
  • starter motor
  • I had recently used ethanol by mistake & now my car doesnt run right. I drive a 1995 chevy corsica. I happen to see on the internet that ethanol dissolves the rubber,plastic parts, aluminum & certain fiberglass tanks based over the removeable of the lubrication. I seen where it saids the engine seals & hoses shrink,swell, dry out & loses it strength. It saids when the ethanol drys out it also causes cracking & damage to non-alcohol resistant parts. Especially the rubber & plastic parts & components. How the ethanol cleans & releases years of dirt, rust, sediment & other gunk from the engine & circulates through the engine causing clogging of filters & engine parts. My question is how do I go to check which part the ethanol has affected on my car? Or is there anything I'm able to use to determine what it has affected? I have used fuel injector cleaners but none of this has seemed to help. I was told to either burn out the ethanol gas or drain it. Which I have burned this out of my tank. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to mechanical work. & where I live there's not very many places I can take my car. & even if I was able to find that place my car doesn't stay running long enough to drive it to a shop. & no one is very familiar with the affect of ethanol & how it does affect a vehicle. I'm a single mother with medical problems. So I rely on transportation very much. So it's very important to have a vehicle that runs. If your able to help me I'd appreciate this so much. I wouldn't know where to go to look for these parts that this may have already affected. Thank You, Karen Johnson
  • Could you be a little more vague?
  • Could be a few things..starter, battery..etc
  • There is Nothing Wrong, it's an "Electric Car"!!! Tricky, Tricky!!! Make a Complaint but don't tell them ANYTHING about the Make, Model, Engine, NOTHING!!! Sorry, but my Crystal Ball is smudged & I'm out of Windex & Patience with questions like this!!! U don't deserve to drive!!! John
  • my car does not start when i turn the ignition? so what is the problem
  • How old is it? Could be the starter or... you could take a screw driver and tap it to the little metal plate at the back wall of the engine as you turn the key and that might do the trick? But again... depends on how old it is?
  • The heads probably cracked in the engine
  • A faulty connection between the key and the driver's seat. Honestly, that does not tell us much of anything. What does it do or not do? Does it try and turn over? Does it make any sounds? Do any of the lights work? Seriously.
  • it is a 2000 ford mustang and it had been taken a while to start before but it always start as long as i let it sit for a little while but not today

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