• Yes 6 hours Yes.......and believe me that is ALL you need to know.
  • Nope. Missing dog once or twice for about 3 hours.
  • Nope, just for a missing cat one time. A girl I was dating had a cat with only 3 legs (you'd think it would be easy to find) that suddenly disappeared. We never found him, though. :(
  • Yes, I was, I searched for weeks, Unfortunately we havent found the person who did it. I went to school with her mother, we were good friends. There were actually two missing kids at this time we were searching for, different crimes, we did find the other one. St. Louis, MO November 18, 1993, Angie Housman, a trusting fourth-grader, vanished after getting off her school bus up the street from her home. Nine days after her disappearance, a deer hunter found her body in a wooded area. Angie had been tied to a tree and died slowly of exposure. She had been raped and tortured. "When we found her, there was a pile of ice chips on top of her." Police found a bag with Angie's clothes, schoolbooks and a coat nearby. Schrader says Angie must have been held alive for about a week before being taken to the woods. During that time, she was molested, he said. Detectives have tracked down more than 300 leads in their fruitless investigation into Angie's death. Investigators have been unable to link anyone to the evidence gathered at the crime scene - a patch of woods 91 feet from a dead-end road known as a lover's lane and teen hangout. "We've got evidence, but we haven't been able to match it with anyone," Hughes said. In the six years since Angie's killing, investigators have received thousands of leads from around the country, but the case remains unsolved. Schrader says that he hopes the reward money will encourage anyone who may know anything about the case to call St. Ann police at (314) 428-6822.
  • Sweet T, I am an author doing research on search parties for missing persons for my next novel. Would you be interested in corresponding on your experience? If so, and if your information aids my research, I will give yuo credit in my acknowledgements. Please advise - this is 100% legit - nothing weird, I promise.

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