• It has to be obnoxious for me. If I use the radio, I just incorporate it into my dreams. I'd be late for everything, and it's creepy having half-real half-imagined dreams.
  • Yes I do get the clocks with the most shocking and most disturbing sound audible sound to my ears.
  • I seldom use an alarm clock, and when I do, I always wake up a few minutes before it goes off. I suppose this is one result of getting up at zero-dark-thirty for all those years in the military ... I have my own internal alarm clock! : )
  • Any noise wakes me in the morning. I use the radio function but I tune to an obnoxious station yo...
  • as loud & annoying as possible. But lately, I've been using my cell phone - and I put it in the next room so I have to get up and walk over to turn it off.
  • I go for a really loud and long one to wake me up. I put it next to me on the bedside table so I can't ignore it.I sleep like a rock sometimes and have slept through alarms before when their not loud enough.

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