• Ah, the world of darling adventures! I think it was when I took My Little Pony out for the first time. That was darling!
  • I had a darling time at the theatre recently
  • splitting from my ex husband, deciding to go it alone
  • Truth? I was a young Scout in the early sixties and my post went on a three week canoeing, portaging trek through the lake country of Manitoba, Canada. It was the most funfilled...if not the most adventurous, experience of my life. Beautiful country,.. clear, glassy lakes, would jump out of the water and grab your bait. It was tough, as well. We had to carry the canoes and supplies over some rough portages from one lake to the next. We covered over a hundred miles in two weeks. Another week was spent just "chillin'" and enjoying fishing and games at base camp. We came from Oklahoma, so we had an interesting trip there and back as well. We saw a lot of our own country. I was fourteen, I think. Oh, Tellstar went up while we were on the trip. We were all very interested. I look at the pictures I have of that trip and shed some tears. It was a glorious time. >> We were all to be caught up in some way or other with the bad times to come, of which we had no clue then. A few of the kids in the pictures did not survive the sixties.
  • This may not really be an adventure, but I was once forced to go on a camping trip with a group of kids that didnt get along all that well (teenagers seem to form cliques 24/7). So me and this other girl started hanging out with eachother and went on a Big Foot hunt. While we knew he didnt exist it was pretyt fun to act like a little kid again, it was stopped short when we caught some 13 year-olds grabbing frogs and squeezing them to near death. After we verbally attacked the kids and saved the frogs we went back to checking out the woods with a tiny flashlight that didnt work well. Or if you want a shorter answer, being a teenager. Thats a a pretyt interesting trip to go on.

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