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  • To my bf to tease him, but thats it. I don't like doing it to strangers, becuase u dont know what they are thinking about...obviously its sexual, but it could involve sumthing weird ripping ur boob off er sumthing weird.
  • to my boyfriend yes but not to random people..too many peadohiles these days and to be honest i get quite creeped out when people are staring my chest or legs etc
  • You bet I do. I love giving them a peek and then winking at them or licking my lips. ;-) Why? Because I'm an exhibitionist. I see this one's at -7. I'll give ya a +3 to help out.
  • Sometimes, if I'm in the mood. :P There's a tiny exhibitionist in me, and sometimes I really get off on flashing people. If I see them watching REALLY intently, then I'll put on a bit of a show, like jiggling my breasts or something.
  • I just had this discussion with some girlfriends when we were out shopping for clothes to wear on a Spring Break holiday to a popular beach town. What it boils down to is that many of the current fashions that include tank tops, tunic dresses, miniskirts and sun dresses all show a lot of skin and if a girl is going to wear any of these items she should be comfortable enough with her body to show off a nice looking pair of panties or a good portion of her bra. The boyfriend of my best friend and my boyfriend love it when we wear short dresses and miniskirts when we go out. We go swing and salsa dancing quite a bit and our boyfriends prefer that we wear regular bikini panties underneath versus the bike shorts and dark pantyhose other girls wear for modesty. With all the spin, dips, and aerials involved we end up showing off our panties quite a bit. I'm ok with it as long as it turns on my boyfriend and he appreciates it but I have to admit I get a little uncomfortable when I dance with an unfamiliar partner and he presumes its ok to feel me up because of what he has observed that evening.
  • Sure, hour after hour, day after day.
  • Just look at women's clothes, they are deisigned to show off what underneath. Sure there are women who don't like to flash but most do. It's back to the old double standard I think, a guy can't show anything while women quite often do.If a guy flashes anything at all he's called a pervert, why is that. I also think north american women especially have to just lighten up a bit and enjoy themselves more. I think it's great when a woman flashes a bit because it shows she feels good about herself.
  • uh huh only If im horny that is
  • We girls learn the power of the panty flash early. In high school I would often give some guy I was attracted to that subtle 'careless' panty flash. Now it's usually just to by bf that I flash, letting him know that I wanting him, and what's in my panties is his for the taking. Bright white panties under a short dark skirt never fails.

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