• Well, when I was a preteen in the early 90s, I enjoyed the 'Fear Steet' series by R.L. Stine (before he went on to make Goosebumps).
  • I don't know what you call a "thriller", but I loved the Nancy Drew series at that age.
  • gossip girl. if you like teenage drama. or watch the show. it's awesome.
  • Achtung-Panzer! By Hienz Gudarian, 1937. The evolution of tank warfare. But I don't think you will enjoy it much!
  • Try the Young James Bond books by Charlie Higson or Fledgling Jason Steed. The Jason Steed books are also written by Anthony Horowitz the Alex Rider author.
  • R.L. Stine books were the top thriller books for kids back in my day. I'm not sure if he still writes though. Oh, just found out he's from my where I live. Interesting.
  • You need to get Ravens Gate also by Anthony Horowitz and Fledgling JASON STEED, written by Anthony Horowitz under a pen name of his favorite car the Mini Cooper, its has the on the cover auther M A Cooper, but throughtout the industry it is known to be written by Anthony Horowitz. He has also written the Diamond Brothers series, but thats does not come close to Jason Steed, Alex Rider or Ravens Gate.

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