• To me faster the years just fly by:-(
  • Time goes by faster... The days seem shorter... Before you know it the week is over... Before you know it another month is here... Before you know it its time for the holidays again...
  • Time seems to pass more quickly as you age, as if there are fewer hours in a day and fewer days in a year. Psychologists are not agreed on why this change in the perception of time occurs. The most reasonable explanation is based on the relation of time periods to the length of one's life. For example: to a ten-year-old, one year is 10% of his life. To a 100-year-old, it represents only 1% of his life.
  • Time definitely seem to go by faster as I've become older. When I received my 5-year pin for teaching, the first thought that came to mind was, "I've been teaching for 5 years? Really? Wow."
  • Ugh... it definitely seems to have sped up a bit. =(
  • It's sped up for me. Hubby and I passed our 25th anniversary and I just wondered when did all that time go by?
  • It seems to have sped up in a way, like an event that happened 6 months ago seems like only a month ago. At the same time, it seems to stay the same, maybe because I'm becoming more set in who I am and more used to life in general.
  • It speeds up. Unless you're in prison. Then I imagine it slows down.
  • We're circling the drain, so it gets faster every year. (Wow, that sounds depressing.)
  • For me, it seems to have sped up. My theory is that I have so much more on my mind, and so much more to keep track of that time gets in the way. The days go by so fast, don't keep track of them.
  • Remember when you were little, and complained when you had to wait an entire week for something? Now it's no big deal.
  • It is the same, but my perception of it is that it is accelerating. If it keeps up at this pace, I will 100 in a few weeks.
  • Definitely speed up.
  • Once you turn 15, it's like an out of control roller coaster
  • I don't think time itself has sped up but our perception of time certainly has! We live in a faster paced world than our ancestors and tend to have shorter lifespans due to environmental conditions like pollution and increased stress! Way back in the Biblical times it took a lot longer to get anything done because of not having the technology and machines like we do today but people tended to have longer life spans due to a low toxin environment and physical fitness from all the physical labour! There is no fact in my reasoning it is just my opinion!
  • Speeds up! BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If you think about it, when you are young, a day is a larger percentage of your life, so it takes a 'long' time. When you're as old as I am, even decades are starting to get small percentagewise. What year is it?
  • The older you get the faster time goes. Nowadays it seems that no sooner have I got up than it's time to go to bed again. :(

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