• Yes they both are neither smokes and one works in a night club a couple nights a week and doesnt drink,they both exercise and eat relativly healthy...they take after their mummy except the smoking bit.
  • Yes, at 6 he is in great physical shape.
  • Yes, they are. They love to participate in Chinese dance and ballet, and they run around a lot at the park. It's the mrs. that I'm trying to get in shape. Despite a svelte figure, she despises exercise and sports, (and she won't even dance to "SOS"---Lol). As you know I love to swim, both competitively and leisurely, and I'm now trying to teach my girls to swim too, but they're scared of the water....they cry and yell for me when they enter a swimming pool. Lol.
  • They seem to stay in good psychical shape without any specific effort on their part to do so. They were very active outdoorsy types when they were younger and though they're not so much that way now, they're still in great shape .. and gorgeous of course.
  • My son is in great shape. Loves sports and trains daily. Non smoker, in fact he hates being around smokers when they light up. When my daughters lived at home they kept in shape because I made them exercise regularly. Now that they live on their own they get their exercise from their jobs, so they keep in shape even if they don't want But they do smoke :(
  • Totally. I have a 42-year- old son who lives in Honolulu..his free time (away from his job) is spent surfing, bike riding, playing basketball, hiking! So kid is in great shape! :) ((hugs))
  • Yes, and I thank God daily. One odd thing though...they run around, I chase after them, they don't get fat, I am pushing maximum density. I run the same amount as them! What's up with that?
  • Yes, they will grow into fine goats
  • I dont have any.. but if i have any than ill make sure that they are in GREAT shape..

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