• Only on the baseball field, and even then not always. :o)
  • Blue Jays will pick on birds that are smaller than them, and the ones that are not willing to fight back.
  • I think they might tolerate each other, but blue jays are really the bullies of the bird world in our neighborhood!
  • I've never seen a problem between jays and cardinals. There are two pairs of cardinals next door and many jays and they all share the same feeders. The jays are rather bullies, but they don't really attack other birds much, just take up more room and are larger so they shove them out of the way when they feed. But I've found that the little nuthatches are worse at chasing other birds away from the feeders and the chickadees will always wait for the nuthatches to leave before venturing close again. Just about all the little birds will feed with the jays if there are available perches and slots for food.

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