• Hey there In almost all cases, this message indicates either that: a) The PS2 cannot detect that there is a controller plugged into the machine, or b) The controller it detects is not functioning correctly. Check to make sure your controller is plugged securely into the PS2. If it it, and you are still recieveing the message, unplug the controller, and use rubbing alchohol, (on a q-tip does pretty well) to clean the contacts on the end of the plug, (they will be slight indentations about a millimeter wide). Leave to dry for a minute or two, and plug it in again, testing to see if you recieve the same message. If this doesn't do the trick, it is most likely that you have a malfunctioning controller, (something that may be caused by frayed wire, exposure to moisture, or a host of other possible causes, including those that you could not have prevented). In this case, you should purchase a new controller. (You should probably test out a friend's controller first, before you drop money on one, to be sure that the controller is in fact at fault. Some games, (and by that I mean almost none), will give you this error message if you are not using a genuine "Dual shock 2" controller....(the one made specifically for the PS2". The Dual shock 2 differs from the original dual shock, in that EVERY button is analog...meaning that it not only detects that you have pressed the button....but also detects how hard you have pressed it....used in racing games for example to alloew you to vary your level of accelleration. In cases just as rare, the PS2 itself may be malfunctioning, in which case you will have no choice but to buy a new one....or suffer without the games for a while. (having the console repaired costs about as much as a new one). I certainly hope it doesn't come to this. Good Luck -Shaggy-
  • Broken Cord?
  • I got this message when I tried to play some games, but it didnt do it on others. I got a new controller and it fixed the problem easy.

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