• Why not save it up, until you find something you really want ?
  • Save it. If you can't think what to buy, save until you think of something. Boring now, fun later!
  • Video games.
  • Save it for a Mac. That's what I'm doing. And I just turned 15.
  • Save it so you can spend it on something really awesome later.
  • Dont buy a boyfriend a present. That puts a TON of pressure on when you only fourteen.
  • Save it instead. You may want to use for your education, a trip, some special large cost item, etc. My son started college with enough he didn't have to have a part-time job while going to school.
  • I saved my money for years and bought my first horse with allowance money. I don't think we teach math very well. We teach base, percent and percentage in abstract. When I was teaching, I taught my students the skills, then gave them the price of my truck, the interest rate and the term of the loan and had them figure out the payoff. My 10,000 truck was 15,000 by the time I paid it off. I gave them the price of my house, interest and term and had them figure that out too. My #$55,000 postwar Cape Cod, 900 sq ft, is 150,000 to pay off. It didn't take my students too long to figure out that if they saved their allowances and paid cash for their first car, then put a car payment a month in the bank so the could pay cash for the next one, they'd be well off all their lives. If they could put a house payment a month in the bank from the time they got their first job, and could buy a small cheap house cash, then trade up when they had saved a bit more, they would be wealthy all their lives. If you are fourteen, you should have just finished doing base, percent and percentage last school year. If your parents don't mind (check first, some are offended by this sort of question), ask them for the loan amount, interest and term on their car loans and mortgage. Figure out the total payoff for yourself. You might find it eye-opening.
  • get yourself a puppy

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