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  • Not the same thing but does cause us (or many of us) to lubricate more. Men mostly I think like when we do and sometimes when we do it makes them come too. Some men have told me the more I do the more it makes them feel manly so they want to keep going so I do a lot. A lot of guys are so focused on what they are doing though that a lot of the time they just keep going but I think many know that I did. Though some ask if I did. Orgasms vary in intensity a lot but mostly I get hot and up there and I can feel for a long time that it is coming and when it finally does is like all my muscles clench mostly inside but outside too and I'm at the top and go over and pleasurable contractions of release start in my vagina and spread throughout that area then through my whole body and I am all glowing and melty and open and happy. Sometimes last just like 10 seconds and other times lots longer like maybe half a minute though seems longer. Then every time after the contractions stop or sometimes even before they stop its like I am hooked into a higher level of arousal and feeling them more with less and less trying so I can get there more and more if they keep going with me. And often it is - they get bigger, more intense with each one or with some in between less so. Hope this helps.

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