• my heart gets me in trouble... head is much smarter i would probably end up listening to the heart tho
  • Probably my heart. What the hell has my stupid brain ever done for me? =P
  • im a total romantic so i listen to my heart, but the best thing to do when there are incompatibility issuses is to talk and to keep an open mind. there is no reason that if you communicate your feelings and understand each other that you wont end up an amazing couple
  • I should have listened to my head and not my heart. I stay married to a woman I didn't really like for a long time. The incompatiblity will win out eventually, it will wear you down.
  • It would depend upon what those important incompatibilities were. Jim loves tennis and golf..I'm lousy at both. He plays, I enjoy the fact that he enjoys it. Jim is not as politically inclined as I am so he suffers through my obsession with the talk shows..we are, however, on the exact same page in terms of our political choices. He feels uncomfortable when it comes to science fiction, spirits/ghosts, other-worldly apparitions..I love that stuff. He can spend hours shopping for stuff..I get bored fast. He loves car shows and RV shows and after an hour I get tired and want to go home! Apparent incompatibilities..but they're minute, unimportant and do not put a wedge/divide between us! :) If he smoked, was a radical either right or left, was bigoted, unkind or arrogant, I'd be long gone! Ultimately, both head and heart would work in concert here! :) ((hugs))
  • Me and my Wife have almost nothing in common. Right now she is battling a drinking problem that everyone sees but her. In fact, right now she's at the bar and I'm at home with my twin 10 year old stepkids taking care of them. I've about had it with this, but have stayed to try and help her through this (we've been through this before) pretty much sacrificing myself in her line of fire to make her understand what she has. In other words, I have been listening to my heart and it has gotten me nowhere, my head is telling me otherwise, but I'm afraid the kids wouldn't be taken care of. To each his own I guess. That's your judgement and no matter what, no one is going to be able to tell you what to do, your going to follow your heart everytime.
  • My heart. If we loved eachother we would work on our compatibility.
  • Your Head Is for math problums
  • I would try and listen to my head. Love is very important, but it can sometimes cloud judgement. You are more inclined to overlook serious character issues when you only listen to your heart and are madly in love with someone. A good balance of head and heart are ideal.
  • I listened to my heart, and fallowed it, until I couldn't anymore.
  • my s/o and i in a few ways are very incompatable such as hes 29 im 19, he lives in NY, im in CA, he has a 4yr old daughter, our parents would hate eachother (his parents hate just about everyone, mine ar very judgmental), we have totally polar opposite personalities, hes hiv positive, im not, but theyre all thngs we feel we can work around we know us being together will be worth it. so if my s/o and i had intense feelings for eachother but were incompatible in some ways, would i listen to my heart or listen to me head? when it comes to him, i definitly listen to my heart. but im not going into it blind, i use my head to do what my heart wants.
  • the heart. the only road in life worth taking is one with heart. i dont think partners are meant to be compatible in every way. that would be boring and we wouldnt grow at all. i think differences are meant to be celebrated and to learn from. they give us richer experiences and show us things about ourselves and the world we would not have explored otherwise. there are some exceptions to the incompatibility issue (if it feels bad to you, don't do torture yourself, etc.). but otherwise i would say go for it.
  • If you're incompatible in some very important ways, that says it all. You may just have to accept the fact that your significant other, will be just that, a good friend, and never go beyond that. That's life and you are who you are. Don't let your feelings rule your head!
  • I'd have to admit-heart. But don't tell him that
  • Heart...eventually it will let you know when your s/o is poison to your least it did for me. Head would have been a lot easier had I had a crystal ball :(.
  • The best relationship I've ever had was with my husband, and my heart and my head both agreed on him. I wouldn't settle for anything less!
  • I would have said think with your heart but i have done that and it was a disaster. If you want kids and marriage for example and he doesn't, it isn't going to work... Move on. I find a huge relationship 'deal-breaker' is religion. My childhood friend and i were very much in love, until i told him i wouldn't convert to his religion, it all ended badly...

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