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  • Its like a rubberband only comfortable to put on the base of your memeber so you stay up longer for your partner.
  • just like a ring to a finger... it prevents blood from rushing out of the shaft.
  • I highly recommend using vibrating cock rings. They make all the difference in the world. It's non stop pleasure. You should check out this site. I had multiple orgasms with my partner after I bought some of their products. My friend was at a porn convention and this company was giving out samples. Her and her boyfriend tried it. She called me the next day and told me to get one. I bought the Big O and the Screaming O and my boyfriend and I have had non stop orgasms. Check out this link:
  • Some cock rings are stretchy and are placed around the base of the penis after you achieve and erection. See the first image below. Most cock rings are placed around both the testicles and the penis and they prevent the loss of erection somewhat. Here is a diagram that shows how they are worn. See the second image below.
  • home ways to make u stay up
  • you put a c*** ring on when you are hard it keeps you hard longer. the vibrating ones feel good, and usually have a stimulator for your women. she should love it. just ask her before you attempt to use it.
  • Thescreamingo is just an example of good marketting, and probably worse, not better than other vibrating rings. There are plenty of other vendors out their with better a product, and cheaper price: Omazing, , Amazing Johny, the vicon, the list goes on. Anyway the vibrating cock ring is used to send vibrations down the penis into the vagina while making the penis harder.
  • OOOO get the Durex connect!! oh it's the best for both of you. It is adjustable for the guy!!

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