• It was for me. No harm in giving the doctor a call though. I got VERY big at the end of my pregnancy, and everything started to swell. And I do mean everything... Good luck to you. Will you let us know if it is a boy or girl?
  • probably. but maybe you should call your dr and make sure.
  • Yes, sometimes it was hard to walk. The baby might be getting in position around now, putting more pressure on you.
  • yes thats very common as the head is positioned down and the pressure is are carrying a weight and its all moved down.if you are worried talk to your doctor to ease your mind
  • I'm thinking that since you've got a big ol baby ready to pop out of your vajayjay, that yes, it's normal
  • Yes, it's an indication that the baby has turned head down in anticipation of delivery. It means you're not having a breech baby which is good news! It should also be slightly easier to breathe now.

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