• why would anybody marry him in the first place if i had to guess he was unfaithful but i can't stand him. How did i get such low points when that # 1 guy quite possibly had his answer stolen by me?
    • Bootsiebaby
      Anybody can copy another person's answer and post it as their own. I think that is a very unimaginative way of answering. As you can see, my own answer is completely different from anybody else's, yet you'd be surprised how true it is whether you believe it or not.
  • why would anybody marry him in the first place if i had to guess he was unfaithful but i can't stand him
  • couldn't keep his dingy docked & couldn't keep his private life private i.e., detailing wife's miscarriage.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Couldn't keep his dingy what docked?
  • Neither Stern nor his wife Alison gave a reason for the divorce, but both began dating almost immediately following legal separation. Before the divorce was actually finalized, nearly two years later, both were dating their future long-term partners. Alison remarried in 2001 to David Scott Simon (not the billionaire David Simon) and Howard remarried in 2008 to Beth Ostroskey. Stern commented on air that he was a "lousy spouse" and gave mostly vague examples of his shortcomings like failing to go to weddings with her and working too much. He commented that she was "right to want a real partner." Tabloids speculated at both partner's infidelity but the claims were never substantiated.
  • Actually, I think that Allison ended up being unfaithful to Stern. Let's face it she was probably lonely and with him working 24/7 and all she wanted was some companionship. I'm not saying it's right but This is what I think ultimately caused the divorce.
  • Howard is a Capricorn and Alison is a Gemini. That is such a hopeless match that I personally don't know any couples of such a combination.
  • 'Alison and Stern slowly started to drift apart as Stern started to grow famous with his show The Howard Stern show. It was syndicated to other markets in the country which made Howard a very popular person. Following his popularity he began to become too obsessed with his work. Stern himself said that he was totally neurotic and sort consumed with work and gave it more importance than his family and wife. In October 1999 the pair decided to separate due to Stern’s obsession over his work. He was living with Berns in Old Westbury, New York from there he moved into a 4000 sq. foot apartment in Manhattan. They finally ended their 23 years long marriage in 2001 with amicable divorce and settlement.' Source:

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