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  • You do, you have free will. why would you throw your life away like that? you only get one. you have a future, family, friends,and goals. you may be putting yourself out of your misery but what about your loved ones. it will effect other people than you. please think about this. Don't do it you have a whole life ahead of and people who love you things will get better soon. :)
  • I know it's illegal but what can they do if you succeed. I think most major organized religions consider it "wrong" but again if you succeed your probably not thinking much of your religion at the time. I think in cases where you have a terminal illness (not just "depressed") maybe that would be the humane way to see things.
  • I believe so, because I believe your life and body are the only things you truly own. Of course, I also think it's stupid to get rid of something that you'll lose one day anyway, when they're the only things you ever have in a meaningful way. People are also free to eat glass and dog poop. We have the freedom to do alot of things that would be foolish to do.
  • Not the way I see it. Would you flush a large diamond solitaire down the toilet? If somebody gave you a leer jet, would you crash the plane? Your life is a direct result of your parents....two people who gave you the most wonderful gift that you will never be able to repay, even with a grandchild, though it may come close. I won't even bother mentioning how God would feel! It is your duty to do the best you can with it and pay that gift forward :)
  • Yes, & I'm sorry but f@ck the people who say you won't get in to Heaven, that's a load of sh@t. I can see how people can commit suicide when they just can't take the pain of life anymore. BUT suicide is a permanant solution to a temporary problem
  • Yes, I think that if a person wants to commit suicide that should be their right, after all it's your life and your body.'s not something you should do on the spur of the moment. A lot of thought should go into it. For starts suicide is a very selfish thing to do and a huge cop out. When somebody commits suicide, they need to realize that in doing so, they are ruining the lives of an awful lot of other people around them. People who want to commit suicide often feel that the people around them don't care or love them but that is rarely the case. You are loved, valued and cared about more then you can know. I know a number of people who are leading sad, depressed lives because a loved one decided to commit suicide. Many of them are the children of the person and feel that some how it was their fault that their parent decided to leave them permanently. So, it's your right to do as you wish but do realize that it won't just be you that you are hurting, you will be cheating others out of full happy lives as well. Committing suicide is the cowards way out any how. Why not instead be a man and find away to solve your problems and be a good example for those around you, who love you.
  • Yes, it is our life... It is not the best solution, but I understand it. If a person can't choose whether they want to live or not then they aren't really in charge of their own lives... But I'd like to think that the majority would always choose to live.... Suicide is a regrettable right, but a right all the same.
  • We do but it is very selfish to do so.
  • No, its a violation of law to commit suicide.
  • Nope, it's illegal :)
  • Yes. It is only illegal to make a failed attempt. No one who gas ever been successful has been prosecuted for it.
  • No, under current US law, that is not a right we have.
  • Not according to the Bible! Read your Bible!
  • A very controversial question that is being debated as we speak in many seminaries and by many philosophers. I do not know the answer to this question. I pray that when my time comes I will be able to make the correct decision. Thank you for a provoking, thoughtful question.
  • there have been times when I have thought about it. I am so glad I didn't. Life is great. Death is nothing, forever without the possibility of change..
  • no, we don't have the right to hurt ourselves or commit suicide isn't just hurting yourself or relieving yourself of pain, your hurting other people as well.we can however choose to not be resessatated if we have a long term illness. we can choose to not go to the hospital or be treated with medication.some people say that this is suicide but I don't believe it is. suicide is when you are perfectly healthy in body but not mind and take your own life by way of 'say' poison or overdose.
  • I wouldn't understand why we wouldn't have the right to take our own life. After all, if it is successful then whos going to tell you any differently. If you attempt it and fail they don't put you in jail, you are commited for a few days for psycho evaluation. I would say that anybody should have the right to take their own life. Whether they should or not is a different story. Check this story out...,23599,23283804-2,00.html
  • Do we have a right to live at all?
  • yes we do have the right to chose just like we have the right to do anything else, now if its right or wrong thats another story.
  • JESUS commited suicide so anybody can choose to do the same
  • i don't think it matters cause by the time they are dead their corpse has the right to a proper burial..shold we have the right? no..our minds when in a depressive state do not function properly and can endanger not only ourselves but loved ones and anyone else around us..
  • Lol suicide is a human right not bound by some country's laws. You cannot be convicted if you (with success) commit suicide.
  • yes its your life
  • I think you have the right to choose it but I'm conflicted as to whether you have the right to put your loved ones through so much pain. Loss to suicide is torturous because you never know if it was maybe something you did. I also believe that suicide is the most cowardly cop-out a person can ever commit.
  • yes we have the right to kill ourselves in any way we wish however it should be for a good reason because in a way that's natures plan of natural selection if you just can't function to progress in this life then it's better just to end it for example if your dieing of disease or just in pain all the time and the Doctors can't stop it your deformed beyond recognition and you have a short life span anyway or your just a coward and you can help humanity with killing yourself then your family line should just stop with you other wise get some heart because it gets worse in life you alone make it better..
  • " A right" ? Who defines ?
  • People have the right to do what they want to with there life
  • Well, no one can stop you from doing it. But a right? To me, it is like asking if you have a right to wreck your brand new car that you just borrowed money from the bank to buy. No, you don't have that right because it is technically not your car. It is the bank's car. I feel the same way about your life. If I may inject some religion into this debate, God owns you. He gave you your life, your spirit, and your body. He provides you with your breath, the sun, your food--everything. He even has insured you through the Atonement of Christ. He holds the title to you, and expects great things out of you in this life. To kill yourself is to destroy His creation. So, no, I believe you don't have the right to kill yourself.
  • I don't think the law or the bible should have a hand in what we do with our own lives. Living in the U.S., we have a right to do with ourselves as we please, regardless of religion. The law says you don't have this right, but the law should not dictate what I do with my own life. I'm not saying I support suicide, I'm simply saying that the argument of law and religion has nothing to do with it. You could say it's wrong because it hurts those around you, and that it's selfish, and it may just be... but people do selfish shit every day. Nobody stops them.
  • To expend some. I have never understood the concept of "right{s}". From where and what authority do we receive them. Can they be granted and revoked only be the same entity, goverment, or person who extended them? Is there an absolute source - the Bible, goverment regulations, ect. Then there is the interpretation variable. I understand for example that are some you beieve in a very literal reading of the Bible - but amoung the rest, not so much. As to your question; does the very fact that this could be done mean you have the "right" or only the means? What would be the repercusions for that person or others? Sorry, I can be long winded. I liked your question, it begs for more.
  • Yes. I firmly believe that our lives and bodies are ours to mess with. You can smoke if you want and drink if you want, destroying yourself and killing yourself is a right permitted to you. People are arrested for murder because they took away the one right that a person can truly call their own. If you want to kill yourself, kill yourself. Yes, it hurts people around you, and is the worst decision you would make in your life, because it would be your last. But if someone tells you it is illegal to die on your own will, or you don't have a right to choose your death, then there is something wrong with them.
  • No. We gave up that right when we created this government. This government is designed to protect its citizens from foreign invasion, internal conflict and even self-harm. That is why that is punished in our society. Anyone who attempts to kill them self will have to answer for their actions. I agree with that.
  • &gt;>Do we have a right to choose to commit suicide?<< Yes, of course. If somebody else takes that right from us, it's called murder. The individual is the ONLY one who has the right to choose. Who else?
  • Apparently, we don't but we should. If you don't have control over the decision to live or die, what can you possibly have control over?
  • YES!!!!!! its our life, to do with what we want.
  • Yes, it's my life. I can choose death if I want to.
  • we do but we have to think of others and the consequences of if it fails
  • Absolutely. It's our birthright holmes.
  • No life is a gift from God.. It's not your's to take away...
  • It's your life. But remember it's a gift. Once it's gone, you'll never get it back.
  • Suicide is a crime because if you are dead, government can't tax you... However, as an adult, I think you should be able to... If women can kill a child in their belly "cause they say it's THEIR body" then I feel suicide should be also legal...
  • Yes I do
  • Yeah we have the right because we can if we want to. Is it a sin to do it? In the eyes of some it is but no one really knows until they are dead.
  • Ona can legally abort to kill a life and soul which isn't theirs ... Yet it's a crime when one wishes to terminate their own? ... Go figure! Hypocrisy of man ... Peace.
  • The government won't be able to tax you once you're dead. So no, it isn't a right.
  • I believe so just as you have the right to live , you have the right to die
  • I think the OP knows it is against the law. The real question the law right? I attempted suicide three times and I never got locked up for it...I got sent to a psychiatric ward. That doesn't seem like a "punishment" per se, it seems more like a forced recovery. So, to me, another question arises and that is-what exactly does it mean by it being illegal to try and kill yourself...
  • Yes. Its a personal choice.
  • No...if you kill yourself they will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law..and don't you forget it!
  • yes we do. As an adult it's out right to do so when there is no other option left.
  • Well you have no right to commit suicide as you are bonded by numerous relationships. You can decide on that once you are left alone probably around 60 above in case you are not married. If you are married then you don't have that choice either. One thing basically I would like to tell you that commiting suicide is the stupidest thing in the entire world. You are human think intellectually. Think of those who are still lower than you and leading life at least struggling. You can find many in your neighborhood. Think that God was good in not dragging you at that low level who are below you. You won't get it back if you lose so live and ENJOY. Lovingly Maggge.
  • i want to suicide sometimes n i thinks it my choice n no one elses.
  • I think that on the surface, of course we do have the right to choose. You have the right to pick up a gun and fire it/ take the pills and swallow them, etc. But what you are refering to is probably how the people you have left behind will feel. I believe that it would not be unreasonable to feel that a loved one who commited suicide made a selfish decision, because they did. But yes they did have the right to make it.
  • Not really, it shouldnt be up to us to end a life, even if its our own. But I can also understand outher peoples points of view too.
  • Yes, we all have the right and choice to continue living or end it all.
  • yes we do but we know better than that
  • free will
  • yes. . and i advice you not to choose the painful one. .

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