• I think separate bank accounts would be a great idea. One bank account makes it appear that you have plenty of money to spend, and might make you spend for things that you really don't need.
  • I'm a strong advocate of separate bank accounts. That way, I retain some vestiges of independence (!). I also find it helps us communicate better over what we can afford and who's going to pay for what. We also don't feel so bad about occasionally treating ourselves as we each have our own pool of money. Works for us anyway.
  • From my experience it is best to have separate -- avoids lots of arguments especially if you have talked thru it -- that is the tough part if someone wants to know why NOW? But you might get away with wanting to have better accountability, less arguments as already indicated, and being able to GIVE to the other without tipping your hand which would ruin the surprise. You may try both OR just get one on your own if he is... too suspicious? But by ALL means have your own plz.
  • I have worked, and I have been a stay at home mom at some point through the years. We keep separate accounts and it has saved our finances and our happiness through it all. It's not about trust. Even if you trust your partner with the "lump", they may spend your grocery money on something at Lowe's not realizing what it was meant for. This happens to just about every married couple at least once. Stop the misunderstanding by separating the money. He doesn't touch my household money, and I don't ask him for more from his account. He gets to spend it how he wishes and I spend mine the same. The trust is knowing that we will spend it on what we are supposed to spend it on. (bills & food vs' nicnacs & electronics)

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