• I don't need to slow down, because I try not to be a maniac behind the wheel in the first place. If someone needs to slow down when they see a "baby on board" sign, perhaps they were going to fast?
  • I think people should treat every vehicle like it could have a baby on board. Human life is way too precious for aggressive driving.
  • I used to think it was just another tacky sign until someone pointed out that in the case of a serious accident it will let people know to look for the baby.
  • Shouldn't you be driving carefully anyway? Not necessarily slower. In any case, make sure that you drive in a way that won't be harmful or dangerous to any other car on the road. There isn't always a baby on board, but just in case there is, I suppose extra caution must be taken.
  • The person who put the sign would be dumb enough in expecting the guys around him to drive more carefully when they see the sign... it's more like "in the event of an accident, look for the baby who can't fend for his or her own....
  • No, I think it's important to respect that sign. No one wants to hurt a baby because they're stubid.
  • I drive around about half the time with a baby, and neer, ever advertised that fact. What are we supposed to think, that someone else is thinking "Man, I'd love to ram that Tracker about right now, but they have a baby on board. Hey, look, a Lexus with no baby on board sign. Time to test these air bags!!!"?
  • The "Baby on Board sign" was invented when a car burst into flames, and people pulled the parents from the front seats to safety but left the baby in the back to burn to death because they didn't know it was there. So I would ignore the sign until there was an accident, when I would try to rescue the baby. It is too late to wait until after the accident to put the sign up. I do not consider saving babies from being burnt alive to be "tacky".
  • I think of the "Simpsons" episode where they had the quartet;)
  • In my mind I slam into the car screaming, "Don't tell me how to drive!" But in reality, I just continue my always careful driving...afterall, I don't have a baby on board, I have myself:)

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