• Just add zombies, and we got a deal ! Ill shake on that!
  • I like to read the really old headstones.
  • I only like graveyards and thats only during the day.. We have a historic cemetary here in fact 2.One is an absolutely beautiful park, with ponds and beautiful musolims. I got a feeling though, you ween't asking for beautiful cemetaries,right?
  • yea i always wanted to go to a graveyard at night!! bats i think there cute and so are wolfs but they are VICIOUS LOL
  • i lost my virginity in a cemetary, at night between the headstones. it was someplace no one went. i live graveyards. i can sense the spiritual presence of some of the occupants. there is just something different about one over another. bats are okay. vegie bats. wolves...okay. they have societies, alpha males alpha females. they are so beautiful.
  • oh, i like wolves. they're hot and sexy. rawr tiger. btw you look hawt too
  • I love cemeteries, I find them quite serene.
  • Gravyards can be really peaceful and serene, though it depends on the particular one. I am not a fan of baseball really, though I have yet to be bitten by a rat with wings. "Wolfs"? It is "wolves", man! Hungry like the wolfs? LOL.
  • Well, I adore all animals, especially mammals. One of my fav things to do is walk through old cemeteries. We have many here in NH and in Boston. I wouldn't do it alone, though. :D
  • I love bats
  • not necessarily...but we did drive to a graveyard with no lights, in an open vehicle, in the middle of the night, and we turned off our headlights just for the fun of it...high school life is the best!
  • I have to wait to go to my parents to watch the bats...I just standin the garden at dusk and watch them coming out to feed they sometimes fly so close to can feel the breeze as they go past

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