• I'm not Canadian, but doesn't that extra money go towards universal healthcare.
  • Actually twice as much?? I've been in Canada and don't remember that but then again, it has been several years. You do have a much different social services/welfare and medical system than in the States. Could that be part of the difference?
  • until fairly recently the US dollar was a bit stronger than the Canadian dollar. not twice as much but around 33%. companies aren't in a hurry to readjust their pricing for a few reasons, one obviously they make more money, two it is expensive and time consuming to go through and reprice everything. And Third it is expected to be a temporary fluctuation on the currency market and it will return to previous levels at some point (around the first Tuesday in November perhaps).
  • All I know is that it's hard to get super rich in Canada. We have a system here that prevents people from getting really ahead, unlike in the States or some places in Asia where how rich you get depends on how hard you are willing to work. In Canada, we seem to have a slight "socialist" type state. We're taxed a lot, and there are a lot of rules and regulations (red tape) like the ridiculous need to have a license to hold a garage sale in your neighbourhood, or a license if you own a cat! Part of the problem is Canadians are a very complacent bunch. They do not complain and raise hell enough sometimes.

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