• It is sort of a mystery. I have heard it, too. But, I have heard other "ethnic groups" call each other names associated with them as well when in arguments,.. or just joking around....Maybe it is just the equivalent of cracker, boyo, mick, pollack, kraut-head, bohunk, or whatever...But, it is much different when someone else calls them that. That is "outside the club". It is then an insult.
  • It's called hypocrisy.
  • Logic is nothing to do with it. As logically no one should be a racist as humans are all one species. What you're confused about is gang culture and social groups. It's not so much about the bad language used but about the group it is used with. You will find even White American gangs have such bastardisation of the English language.
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      Yeah, but white people don't go around calling each other honkey or cracker and then get pissed when another race uses it. Hispanics don't call each other spic and then get pissed when someone else uses it.
  • To try to separate themselves from other races.
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      Do as I say, not as I do.
  • not sure why but they shouldnt
  • Its their world and usually is not an insult when they use it. Lets just say if you are not black it should not be in your vocabulary and there is no problem.
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      What's good for the goose.... ?
  • The words you're missing in your vocabulary are "context" and "familiarity". If you have any friends, then they probably have nicknames and pet names for you. Other people using them outside your circle would make you angry. A lot of races use derogatory terms in a joke context among themselves and their familiar circles. But it's reserved strictly. Songs and comedy is a different thing as it's entertainment and not personal.

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