• Social Security Disability payments
  • From the looks of him he worked in a factory that manufactured "electric chairs". Kramer was in "product testing".
  • Witless* Protection perhaps (* - purposfully spelled to show his lack of wits)
  • He was pretty tight with the Dominican cigar rollers and his Spanish was pretty good. I think he's living off an annuity since he can't be trusted with money and he has learned to live within his means off a very good monthly payout. I bet he gets $5000 a month due to a fixed payout that he can't adjust since we all know he'd blow all that dough ASAP. When he goes to raid Jerry's fridge or when he wants to do a hair brained scheme with Newman it usually means he's waiting until his next monetary payout.
  • Last minute run on coffee table books, rickshaw business (renewed interest due to new influx of homeless people), return trips to Michigan to collect bottle deposits, residuals from his talk show, sales of the Manzier, officiating at Festivus ceremonies and shower cooking business;)
  • Jerry!
  • He was on strike from his old job as a bagel manufacturer at H&H (for all but one episode, where this was highlighted).
  • Oh he got by
  • I think one of his sources was blood donation but didn't he eventually give too much? I think he was a ball boy at the US Open Tennis tournament but did he get paid for that?
  • According to George, falling backa**wards into money.
  • It was never directly decided. But there was one episode that dealt with Kramer being on strike from a local bagel company that lasted years. Of course he was the only hold out to come back when the strike was lifted. But he ended up blowing that as well. He did also run many scams during the show.
  • I think some type of Insurance ,being that babs was a drug addict and he has no father he might be receiving some special ins provision . + all the other nutty things hes been into. From selling his clothes,to grabing old records..
  • He's a self-described 'wealthy industrialist, philanthropist and byciclist' who once worked at a bagel store and whose source of income is unknown to all. However, he was also at one point the president of Kramerica, a one-man outfit which attempted to solve the problem of oil spills from tankers by inventing a giant bladder. Said experiment ended in disaster when it was dropped from an upper floors on Jerry's girlfriend, the one whose stomach made funny voices
  • I don't think he had to worry about that, everything he ate he got it from jerry's fridge =D
  • Sponging off his friends and unsuspected strangers. :-) Although he did have a few jobs here and the one in the bagel shop.

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