• There is never an excuse big enough in the world that will stand in the way of you doing what you want to. If you want to quit, don't smoke. Just because your friends do doesn't mean you have to. If they pressure you, they really aren't your friends then. The choice is yours. Your friends aren't holding the joint to your lips and inhaling for you. They might being doing it, but it doesn't mean you have to. If you know its ruining your life, why continue to do it? Change your ways, avoid hanging with your friends when they're lighting up. But that's all you. Good luck!!
  • I used to smoke a lot of weed, about an ounce a day. Now i smoke very very rarely, like 5 times a year.Stay away from your friends for a while. And you gotta be strong. Quiting smoking pot is accually way easier then cigarettes. Your gonna have a lot of cravings. when i used to come home in the evening and wanted to smoke i had a few glasses of wine of it could help me sleep. Just be careful not switch from smoking weed to alcohol. it should just be something to help you get of the pot, not switch to is. Good luck
  • I have cut off ties with people friends that do something that makes me uncomfortable, in fact a very similar situation to yours, but even though it's hard at the time, i look back now and say I really needed to cut ties with them for my own growth as a person. Believe me, it is a good enough reason to take such drastic measures. Good Luck.
  • Hi Sixilx! The first thing you need to do is get away from your "friends". Change your habits. Get away from any person, place or situation where you would usually smoke. Talk to you doctor. He will point you in the right direction. And congratulations for getting back on your feet!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • It is not addictive so you need a distraction. If you have been smoking joints (weed & tobacco) it will be more difficult than if you have been smoking reefers (just weed) because nicotine is so very addictive. If the latter, I would find an alternative social life - join a drama group or do an evening course. Remind yourself how boring it is to be stoned all the time take up jogging. Anything to fill the time you would have filled smoking.
  • What are friends? Do friends help you destroy yourself? If they are helping you destroy yourself, are they really friends? The first thing to ask, is where can you find some REAL friends? Real friends are supportive. Real friends help you grow. Real friends want you to succeed, to be responsible, to have a life. Where would you find people like that? People who are responsible themselves, who are moving toward a productive life? I spent years thinking church was a downer, populated by goody-two shoes who wouldn't understand the likes of me. What I found, when I finally tried it, was a bunch of people just like me. Children of alcoholics and abusers who had terrible childhoods, but who wanted something better for themselves and their kids and didn't know how to get it. They reached out to God for help and found a loving community. And together, we help lift each other out of that mess. Another place to try might be narcotics anonymous. That is another community of people who have been in the same mess and are committed to getting out of it by lifting one another up. Once you find some real friends, you need to stay as far away from that self-destructive bunch as you can, Even if you have to move.
  • Hi Sixilix Congratulations on deciding that you want to stop smoking weed :) I've smoked all day everyday for 25 years. I never felt like you do about it, I thought it enhanced my fun-loving personality and indeed my life, all my friends smoked too and I didn't want that to change. I've run a business and raised 2 kids smoking skunk 24/7. But for the last 2 years, as you will know, weed has become rubbish! In quality, price and availability. I've had to do without it for a day occasionally due to supply problems and in that time I've driven miles to get it, phoned round endlessly and been a right pain in the arse to those around me. Then, when it's finally come, it's been crap! Smoking weed no longer makes sense! So, nearly a month ago I decided to take control and just stop chasing round for it. I immediately felt in control :) I was 'not smoking' because I didn't want to, not because it wasn't available. I reckoned that the tobacco was a large part of the addiction ( I wasn't a cigarette smoker)so I decided to smoke cigarettes instead for a short while as I reckoned that it's easier to deal with the loss of one thing at a time. So I smoked cigarettes...loads of thewm! Til yesterday when I decided that it was time for them to go too. Last night I smoked my last cigarette before bed, I'd been practically chain smoking for a month, talk about overkill! There were still 3 in the pack but I'd decided to draw the line. Got up this morning, stuck a patch on my arm and that's it. I've had no desire to smoke today, the thought of it makes me feel sick. I'm gonna use the patches for a few days then that'll be it. I've done this whilst my live-in partner has continued to smoke weed and cigarettes. I've not been tempted at all. In fact, seeing him going crazy waiting for some to arrive has only made me feel even better about not smoking. Don't believe what people say about sleepless nights and sweats etc. I've hardly been affected by this and I think it's because I decided that stopping was no big thing. So, get a positive attitude and take'll be fine :)and everyday you'll feel better, your memory will return almost instantly and you'll just be glad you did. Good luck
  • Pot is not physically addicting so it may be easier than you think, ya right. I am in the same position, it has indeed ruined my life as well. I am currently trying to get clean and all the research i have done says it takes sheer willpower and some diversions. Find something else to do when you would normally smoke. I have been going for walks and doing various other things like excersize (sp?), going to the library, and i even solved the rubix cube it took a few days but i did it. anything that will take your mind off of it. Also try making a list of why you wanna quit, you know the bad things that pot has done or just the bad facts about pot smoking, keep the list with you and look at it when you want to smoke, that helps too. Its been real hard but i will get through it and so will you!! Heres to sheer willpower!!!
  • You are not going to like what I am about to type but it's been tried and true. You will have to find new 'non-pot smoking friends' and avoid the pot smoking friends until you 'kick' the habit. A friend of mine recently stopped smoking pot and she told me that EVERY ONE she once smoked pot with avoids her these days because 'they have nothing in common' anymore. It's not that they don't really have anything in common it's that fact that she's trying to crawl out of the hole she dug for herself and better her own life when the pot smokers tend to want to stay in the middle of yesterday. I don't know about you but the people I once called friends always talked about yesterday, last week, last month and last year... some even talked about and relived their childhood as if they were 15 all over again. I never thought it was much of anything until my counselor opened my eyes to what was going on. I know it sounds like the hardest thing to do but you have to get away from pot in order to leave it alone... for now anyway.
  • I would like to add something to my first answer. I was helped to stop smoking tobacco by taking a pill called Champix. This stuff blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain. I found it easy and I know how hard it is because I had stopped the hard way before but always went back. The other thing I'd like to say is that weed really rots the brain - I smoked weed for 40 years and still do occasionally but my memory is crap and I don't think it is incipient Alzheimers!
  • Make some drug free friends and hang out with them instead. Maybe tell them you want to quit and request encouragement. A good supportive friend might help you. Take up a hobby or class to keep you distracted. If you are so inclined you could go to a church of your choosing and tell them what you're trying to do.

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